Cause it's "your wedding"...

Ambient Wedding Themes

Personalize your wedding by giving it a theme, a color palate, a mood and a flavour.  A wedding on the beach isn’t just a wedding on a beach; it’s “your wedding on the beach”, different from anyone else’s wedding on the beach. Choose from amongst our various themes to supplement the ambience and décor at your wedding.  Themes include customised décor, flowers, props, costumes, entertainment, lighting, music, cuisine, beverages and much more.  And if you have something special in your mind, let us know and we’ll try bringing it to life.

Some suggested themes are:     

  • Rainbow Splash
  • Colours of the Sea
  • Sunset Magic
  • Black Pearl
  • Purple Ice
  • Serene Green
  • Red Romance
  • Flower Power
  • Bollywood Masala
  • Realm of Royalty
  • Arabian Nights
  • Spectacular Siam
  • East meets West